PooPrints: DNA Testing Matches Dog Poop to Dog Owners

Tired of stepping in dog poop in your community and thinking you'll never find out who was discourteous enough to leave it there?  Well, there's actually a solution for that.  And some communities are already implementing "feces forensics" to catch "poopetrators."  Pooprints is the DNA solution for dog waste that matches un-scooped waste to the canine offender by sending it off to a lab for instant results.


Here is an example of a cheek swab performed by BioPet in order to be able to serve a community with DNA dog poop testing.

PooPrints works by registering each resident dog in "BioPet Laboratories' patented DNA World Pet Registry by simple cheek swab."  When dog poop is left behind, it can be scooped and sent off to the lab.  Results are returned within two weeks and the community can then decide what steps it wants to take.  Often, residents are fined for the offense.

Who is using PooPrints?  According to their website, they are serving 1500 multifamily communities in all 50 states and Canada.  That's a lot of dog poop DNA!  They work primarily with property management companies and Parks & Recreation Departments whose goal is to reduce damage to common areas, attract more renters, prevent water contamination and more.

With coverage from People, NPR, Huffington Post and more, PooPrints can expect to keep growing!  It wouldn't be outrageous to believe that dog poop DNA testing will become a standard feature offered by multifamily community centers the world over.


But for those who, when stepping in dog poop on their own property, have no one but themselves to blame: have no fear!  You can still hire a professional residential dog poo cleanup service like us! ;)